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APx517B analizátor

Acoustic Production Test Redefined

The APx517B Acoustic Analyzer


Introducing an integrated acoustic test system, complete with audio analyzer, power amplifier, headphone amplifier, and microphone power supply, along with an array of digital interface options.

Built for Production Test

From headphones and headsets to speakers (passive, active, or smart), manufacturing test presents its own set of unique demands for a test system. Functionally speaking, a traditional test system would be comprised of several individual components—from different vendors—include a sound card for signal generation and acquisition, a microphone power supply, an amplifier (power or headphone), and possibly a digital interface (e.g., Bluetooth®). The production test engineer has the complex job to source these components on a very limited budget, configure and calibrate them to function as single test system, and troubleshoot any individual component issues to ensure the production line stays “up.”

The APx517B is specifically designed to streamline this process. An integrated system for the acoustic test of headphones, headsets, microphones, and speakers, this new instrument is a revolution for production test engineers and technicians needing drastically reduce setup and reconfiguration time without sacrificing quality, reliability, or measurement performance. With an easy setup of less than five minutes (for a variety of device types), and a reliable and robust system that combines unbeatable hardware and software, the APx517B saves time on setup so the line can focus on production. Additionally, and unlike the individual components of traditional systems, the APx517B has a specific impedance measurement accuracy and is delivered with an accredited ISO/IEC 17025 calibration.

Quality & Reliability

Most, if not all, current acoustic analysis systems are an assortment of individual components from different vendors. As such, an additional “line down” risk of these systems is the quality and reliability of each component, along with the configuration of each connection point. In contrast, the APx517B is an integrated system engineered and assembled to the same standard as all other APx analyzers and is delivered with a three-year warranty and accredited calibration. For 36 years, the equal to AP analyzers’ reputation for performance and measurement accuracy is the long-standing recognition of their quality and reliability.

Fast Setup & Reconfiguration

On a production line, any time spent setting up a new test system, calibrating a system for a new shift, or reconfiguring a system for a change in DUT (device under test), is effectively a “line down” situation. The APx517B has the power to drastically reduce setup and reconfiguration time by eliminating multiple individual components (from a variety of vendors) and their associated cabling.


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